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BeamMed Sunlight MiniOmni Bone Densitometer


($2,150.00 Unit)

Brand New BeamMed Sunlight MiniOmni Bone Densitometer with Warranty


BeamMed Sunlight MiniOmni Bone Densitometer


- Non-invasive and radiation-free.
- Prices measurements and a unique multi-site measurement option allow for high accuracy.
- 4 ethnic reference databases for males, females and children.
- No disposables, with near-zero cost of operation.
- Utilize your own PC/laptop.
- Lightweight and compact.
- USB connectivity: windows-based.

Package Includes:

- Mini-Omni bone sonometer
- CM probe (radius)
- Spring gauge assembly
- SOS verification phanton
- Handrest
- Skin marker
- Ultrasonic gel
- Software disk with USB connectivity (Windows 7 and XP)

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