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BeamMed Sunlight Omnisense 9000 Bone Sonometer


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Brand New BeamMed Sunlight Omnisense 9000 Bone Sonometer with Warranty


BeamMed Sunlight Omnisense 9000 Bone Sonometer

The Omnisense 9000 Advantage

Affordable system, with zero cost operation

- Low acquisition cost
- No ongoing maintenance
- No calibration
- No disposables

Full compliance with stringent quality standards

- Underlying technology on the market for over 10 years
- Dozens of clinical trials and thousands of clinical installations worldwide
- Radiation-free

Patient & practitioner friendly

- Non-invasive
- Test at one site or multiple sites, as preferred
- No need for the examiner to bend-over
- No need to undress
- Patient’s shoes can stay on

Fast time to accurate results

- Each measurement site is proven to be correlated with osteoporosis
- Immediate audio confirmation of correct measurement
- Screen a patient in just minutes

Simple, efficient workflow

- Intuitive user interface
- Simplified patient file management
- Easy and fast to learn, with a built-in training module

Standalone desktop device fits any clinic/office

- Ideal for heavy workload
- Minimal space requirements
- All-in-one screen
- No wires or cables required

Easily interpreted, customizable reports

- Results are based on gender and age (0-99)
- Multiple ethnic reference database (Caucasian, Asian, Chinese, North American, Latin American)
- Clear, customizable, color-coded reports printed in A4 letter format.
- WHO-compliant T-scores and Z-scores

Advanced capabilities for neonatal and pediatrics

- Supports Sunlight Pediatric software for accurate bone density assessment of children aged 0-18 years
- Measurement at the tibia bone
- Combining measurement results of different skeletal sites

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