Biolase EPIC X Dental Diode Laser


Brand New for sale Biolase EPIC X Dental Diode Laser with Warranty


Biolase EPIC X Dental Diode Laser

Introducing EPIC X, the diode laser solution that delights your patients, faster. EPIC X features innovations such as pre-initiated tips, laser-assisted whitening, and temporary relief of minor pain, all from a single diode laser solution.

Guaranteed Reliability and Support, Faster

  • Use your EPIC X confidently with comprehensive support and assistance from BIOLASE.
  • Replacement EPIC X within 24 hours should yours need service.
  • Industry-best two-year warranty.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Get to Treatment, Faster
Choose from standard diode laser tips or our exclusive pre-initiated tips to begin laser therapy faster than ever.

Create Bright Smiles, Faster
EPIC X offers the fastest in-office whitening procedure available today. Faster than ever, with dramatic shade change in 20 minutes of chair time.

Provide Pain Relief, Faster
EPIC X is cleared for temporary relief of minor pain, including pain associated with TMJ or other thermomandibular disorders.

Plus, EPIC X can energize your hygiene program quickly, with a number of easy-to-learn hygiene procedures at your fingertips.

EPIC X Clinical Results

  • Gingival Troughing
  • Aphthous Ulcers
  • Frenectomy
  • Gingivectomy
  • Exposure of Unerupted Teeth
  • Excision for Biopsy
  • Implant Recovery
  • and more!

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