Biolase LaserSmile System


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Biolase LaserSmile System

LaserSmile System uses its proprietary LaserSmile gel, specially formulated to work effectively with the specific wavelength of the LaserSmileT diode laser, increasing the efficiency of the whitening process.

The process of using LaserSmile System dramatically shorter treatment time and avoids excess heat as well as sensitivity thus promoting patient comfort, safety and self-confidence.

Benefits of LaserSmile:

  • Faster & Gentler, 24 minutes of total treatment time with just four minutes of actual laser activation
  • LaserSmile Whitening Gel maximizes whitening effectiveness through advanced chemistry and laser-activated chromophores
  • Whitening handpiece with pulse counter & countdown using quick and easy presets are streamlined and built into the unit
  • Numerous Soft Tissue Applications including cosmetic gingival contouring, crown lengthening, treatment of periodontal pockets and gingival troughing
  • Autoclavable handpiece and replaceable fibers ensuring sterlisibility
  • Adjustable Aiming Beam

Treatment Procedures of LaserSmile System:

  • Laser activation of bleaching materials for teeth whitening
  • Gingival troughing for crown impressions
  • Sulcular debridement
  • Gingivectomy
  • Gingivoplasty
  • Gingival incision and excision
  • Hemostasis
  • Excisional and incisional biopsies
  • Exposure of unerupted teeth
  • Fibroma removal
  • Frenectomy and frenotomy
  • Implant recovery
  • Incision and drainage of abscess
  • Leukoplakia
  • Operculectomy
  • Oral papillectomies
  • Pulpotomy
  • Pulpotomy as an adjunct to root canal therapy
  • Reduction of gingival hypertrophy
  • Soft tissue crown lengthening
  • Treatment of aphthous ulcers
  • Laser-assisted uvulopaletoplasty (LAUP) for ENT specialists only

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