Ezer ERK-7800 Autorefractor Keratometer


Brand New Ezer ERK-7800 Autorefractor Keratometer with Warranty


Ezer ERK-7800 Autorefractor Keratometer

Ezer’s ERK-7800 offers practices an opportunity to gather a wealth of precise information about the patient in one fast and easy test. The ERK-7800 also features retro-illumination, so you can measure patients with IOLs and evaluate lens opacification. Contact lens base curve as well as pupil and iris diameter can also be easily determined with this powerful device. Best of all, the ERK-7800 can communicate with your entire practice. For the highest level of efficiency, combine the ERK-7800 with Ezer’s other diagnostic instruments to form an Ezer Digital Refraction Practice. Ezer digital practice platforms make it possible to perform a full digital vision exam, from pretest to Rx.


  • Auto Refractor/Keratometer
  • Enhanced Retro-illumination Imaging
  • Wide Dioptric Measurement Range
  • Auto-Fogging
  • Fast Measuring Speed
  • Accurate Iris and Pupil Measurement
  • Save Up to 2 Images of Each Eye
  • IOL Mode
  • Comfortable Motorized Chin Rest
  • Ergonomic LCD Monitor with 20-Degree Tilt Range
  • Sophisticated TFT LCD Graphic

User Interface:

  • High-Speed Printer and Paper Cutter
  • Simple One Touch Lock Knob
  • Easy Network Capability
  • Backed by an Industry Leading
  • 2-Year Warranty


  • Power Supply Cable
  • Model Eye ( S-5.0D or 5.12D or 5.25D, VD=12mm, R–7.95 )
  • 2 rolls Printing Paper( Thermal Paper, Size : 57 X 50 mm )
  • Dust cover ( Vinyl Cover: Use for long-term storage to prevent dust pollution )
  • Operation Manual

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Ezer ERK-7800