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Bayer Contour TS Control Test Strips


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Bayer Contour TS Control Test Strips

The improved Contour TS Test Strips make testing blood sugar levels fast, easy and accurate. Contour Test Strips feature a unique flip-top bottle design that opens and closes easily - perfect for users of all ages. The strips are kept fresh up to 6 months after opening due to a patented bottle design with built in desiccant. A window on these blood glucose test strips makes it easy to see when the strip fills with blood. Meter automatically turns on when test strip is inserted and does not require coding.

Only use with Contour TS Blood Glucose Meter


  • No Coding Required:
    These diabetes test strips automatically calibrate the blood glucose meter each time new Ascensia Contour TS test strips are used so there is no coding required! Automatic calibration ensures accurate results every time with fewer steps.
  • Sip-in Sampling:
    New "Sip-in Sampling" technology ensures the right amount of blood is quickly wicked onto the strip.
  • Small Sample Size:
    The Ascensia Contour TS Test Strips need only a very small drop of blood for proper blood glucose test results. Just 0.6 microliters of blood are required for precise results.
  • Alternate Site Testing:
    The Ascensia Contour TS test strips can be used for testing alternate sites, such as the palm, or forearm. Utilizing alternate site testing may reduce pain caused by repetitive testing on the same area.
  • 8 Second Test Results:
    The test results are ready in merely 8 seconds.

Package contains 50 test strips.

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