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AlphaTRAK Blood Glucose Lancets


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AlphaTRAK Blood Glucose Lancets

AlphaTRAK lancets are designed to offer precision accuracy and minimal pain when lancing both cats and dogs for blood glucose monitoring. The lancets have a 28-gauge needle and a twist-top design for safety.

Each lancet should be used just once, and they should be properly discarded in a sharps container, or in specially marked containers that note the contents.

AlphaTRAK lancets should be used with the AlphaTRAK lancing device.

AlphaTRAK lancets are shold in a box of 100 sterile lancets.

Lancet Features:

  • 28 Gauge needle
  • Sterile
  • Twist-top design

Lancing Tips from Dr. Joi Sutton, DVM:

  • Dog and cat ears have a vein that goes along the periphery of the ear flap. It is very easy to see in pets with short hair or light colored fur. If your pet is particularly fuzzy, you might ask your pet's groomer to clip the fur short on your pet's ear making the vein easier to locate.
  • Other test site options include the accessory carpal pad, the side of a toe, or the tail base. The trick is to have an area with little fur that would wick away the drop of blood.
  • When performing a blood glucose test, do not wipe the site with alcohol, as it will dilute and alter the sample of blood.
  • Have your lancing device in your dominant hand while holding the pet's ear with your non-dominant hand. Poke the pet right over the vein that travels the periphery of the ear. Gently squeeze or massage the area to encourage bleeding.

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