Dentsply Calamus DUAL 3D Obturation System


Brand New Dentsply Calamus DUAL 3D Obturation System with Warranty


Dentsply Calamus DUAL 3D Obturation System

The Calamus DUAL brings the Flow and the Pack together in one convenient, space-saving system.

Use the Pack to create an effective apical plug, then use the Flow to deliver the gutta-percha backfill at the perfect temperature and flow rate.

- Convenient obturation system offers a backfill handpiece and a downpack handpiece in one unit
- Easy to set up and incorporate into the operatory
- Sleek, esthetic design requires minimal counter top space
- Simple to clean and maintain over multiple uses
- Handpieces are ergonomic, easy and comfortable to hold
- 360° cuff on each handpiece is easy to activate
- Highly cost-effective solution

Package Includes:

- Calamus Dual Console
- Detachable Pack and Flow Handpieces
- 10 Calamus Singles (20 gauge)
- 10 Calamus Singles (23 gauge)
- 3 Electric Heat Pluggers
- Cartridge Nut
- Cleaning Brush
- Heat Shield
- Bending Tool
- Instruction Manual (DFU)
- Reference Card

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Dentsply Calamus DUAL